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You have found the home of Team Sol International, LLC (TSI), featuring a Honda (Civic CRX) del Sol community with information, statistics, and pictures of one of Honda’s best contributions to automotive consumers. TSI is a member-run car enthusiast’s club where membership is always free because we volunteer our time to bring our members together. Our web site features:

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Basic Background on our Members

The TSI membership constitutes all ages and all types of car owners. It is not uncommon for us to be labeled a “teen’s car club”, but this is not an accurate description of who we are. The Honda (Civic CRX) del Sol is over 10 years old, and our average membership age is somewhere in the mid- to late-twenties. No kidding.

We have every variety of import enthusiast car owner, tuner, racer, and even ricer. Our membership is diverse, ethnically and in motivation. We are an international car club with chapters in many countries. No matter where you are located, there is a good chance that one of our members is near enough to help you out, should you ever need a hand.

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Basic Background on the Honda
(Civic CRX) del Sol

The Honda (Civic CRX) del Sol (Spanish for “of the Sun”) marked Honda’s return to the two seat sports car after the demise of the CRX in 1991. Available only as a targa top convertible, the Honda (Civic CRX) del Sol managed to breath some fun (and a little excitement) into the Honda lineup before its own demise in 1998. This car was produced internationally between 1992 and 1998, while it was available in the USA only between 1993 and 1997. Known only as the Honda del Sol in the USA after 1994, it went by other names in other countries, including the CR-X del Sol in Japan, and the Civic CRX in Europe. [This is why we clarify the name of our car as the Honda (Civic CRX) del Sol on our web site!]

Throughout its lifetime, the Honda (Civic CRX) del Sol was offered in several trim packages with varying levels of features and quality. In the USA, these trims were called the S, the Si, and the VTEC. These trims went by other names in other countries: VGi/VXi/VTi & SiR in Japan; and ESi & VTi in Europe. Generally speaking, the engines and the luxury features of the car increased with each later trim. For a detailed breakdown of these features, check out our Information section.

The Honda (Civic CRX) del Sol became the first US Honda to sport the B16A (DOHC VTEC) engine series when the VTEC trim level was introduced in 1994. This engine would later take the fame as the favorite among amateur import tuners when it was offered for the Honda Civic Si in 1999.

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