How to remove a TPS sensor and adjust it to the proper voltage.

You can buy new bolts, or reuse the ones you took out. New ones are recommended, for ease of adjustment. Now go to your ecu. Hook up a multi-meter to plugs D11 and D22. Turn your ignition to ON. Turn the TPS until you get a reading of  near 0.5 V. Then tighten it down. Double check the voltage and then check the wide open reading. Turn the butterfly in the throttle body  to wide open while watching the multi-meter. The reading should gradually increase until you get near 5 V. Reset the ECU, start the car and check for engine codes. If you get MIL code 7 (TPS) go recheck the voltage and make sure the bolts are tight.

Step 1

This is the TPS on the throttle body.

Step 2

Use a Dremel or hacksaw to cut slits into the two bolts that are holding it on.

Step 3

Use a Screwdriver to remove the bolts

Step 4

This is what the throttle body looks like underneath the TPS.


Step 5

When replacing the TPS place it onto the throttle body lining up the tab on the back of the sensor with the slot on the throttle body.

Step 6

As you will notice it has some play. The holes on the TPS are elongated, so it can twist.


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