If you would like prices or to purchase anything from our Sponsors, please contact the President of Team Sol International, LLC . These websites will provide information, but Sponsors will not be able to give out discounted prices.If you would like to become a sponsor of our thousand members, please contact us. We trade advertising and promotion for discounts on parts and/or labor.

TSI is managed by a handful of members that donate their time and money. Maintaining a website takes time and money.So, with the help of member donation we continue to offer our community a free service.Please feel free to donate to us today.Doing so will help cover cost for hosting, managing website, and other TSI related things.

Team Sol is lucky enough to have several sponsors who offer members significant discounts on their products. We plan to add more as time goes on.

Kaminari Aerodynamics and Quantum Tek Alloys offer their products for less than you will find them at any aftermarket shop. If you are interested in getting anything from them, please contact us using the contact us link. We will gladly give you prices and hook you up. DO NOT contact these sponsors before contacting us. These are special arrangements that he has made with them and if you go straight to them, you will reach someone who is not aware of this arrangement and you will not get a correct price quote.

Other sponsors such as darkSol motorSports and CarElements.Com offer members discounts above and beyond their normal customers. For these discounts, you can contact them at their websites. No need to contact us first. Just be sure to let them know you are a Team Sol member and you will get your extra discount. Their discounts are determined by them and Team Sol has no say in those discounts.

Thanks for taking the time to read through all of this. If you own a Sol, we hope you consider joining us online or even better at a local meet. Enjoy the website

TSI Sponsors



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