Information on how to get ECU code for the del Sol.

1. When the yellow check engine warning light appears, pull over to the side of the road and turn your car off.

2. Find the service check connector under the dash on the passenger side of the car.

3. Connect the 2 pin service connector with a jumper wire (a paperclip works well also).

4. Turn the ignition to the “On” position, the stage before “Start”

5. Look at your check engine light and note the diagnostic code. The CEL indicates a code by the length and number of blinks. Codes 1-9 are indicated by individual short blinks. Codes 10-43 are indicated by a series of long and short blinks. The number of long blinks equals the first digit, while the number of short blinks equals the second digit.

|-|…..|-|…..|-|….  indicates CODE 1
|-||-|…..|-||-|……|-||-|…..  indicates CODE 2
|—-||-||-||-|……|—-||-||-||-||…..|—-||-||-||-||…..  indicates CODE 13

|-|…..|-||-|…..|-|……|-||-|…..  indicates CODE 1 and 2
|-||-|…..|—-||-||-||-|…..|-||-|……|—-||-||-||-||…..  indicates CODE 2 and 13

6. To clear your codes, the first step in troubleshooting all codes,


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