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Team Sol International (TSI) would like to thank you for your interest in your very own Team Sol

Chapter. As with any organization, we need to have structure and to help accomplish that, we use the

following Guidelines. After reading the Chapter Guidelines below, and if you feel that you have what it

takes, then we would like to welcome you to a world of hard work and rich rewards. Unfortunately, not

the kind of rewards that can pay bills or get you an engine swap, but if you like to help others, then the

satisfaction from that is more than enough. The Guidelines below may be changed / altered / edited in

any way at any time by the TSI Operators with or without written, verbal, or other notice. Though we will try to let you know, that just may not happen.


  1. This is volunteer work; no one gets paid.
  2. We do not have a money pool. If you need money to start up or operate your Chapter, we can try to help, but we cannot make any guarantees.
  3. All work is volunteer; there is no compensation aside from personal satisfaction for a job well done. We like to think of it as “a labor of love”.
  4. Association and Membership is free of charge, but requires prior approval. A. New Chapters must be sanctioned before creation.
  5. A Chapter is sanctioned when the President of Team Sol International, president@teamdelsol.com, gives written approval of the new Chapter.
  6. You must contact the President of Team Sol International at president@teamdelsol.com to request formal approval.
  7. Never, ever, charge your members for membership.
  8. You may collect donations which are used strictly to pay your operating costs such as hosting fees.
  9. Since TSI is a non-profit organization, you may not use monies collected for personal consumption (or you must face your own tax consequences).
  10. TSI will never charge Association Fees from Chapters, nor will we charge Membership Fees from your members (or our own).

III. We are “Team Sol International”, or “TSI”; this is our identity.

  1. We are not “Club Sol”.
  2. We are not the “American branch of Club Sol”.
  3. Club Sol is a highly respected affiliate. We have the same membership base and similar goals. However, we are not the same organization.
  4. We are not “Team Del Sol” (or “Team del Sol”).
  5. Team Del Sol is a girls’ synchronized figure skating team based in San Diego, California. Their website URL is: http://www.teamdelsol.org/
  6. TDS is an acronym for the figure-skating team, not for Team Sol International. Our acronym is TSI.

iii. This common confusion is based on our usage of the domain “teamdelsol.com”.

Originally, we tried to purchase “teamsol.com”, but a consulting group called

“Teamwork Solutions, Inc.” already owns it. “teamdelsol.com” seemed like the next best idea, at that time. This does not change our identity.

  1. Calling us “Team Sol” is not necessarily incorrect, but you should use “Team Sol

International” whenever writing or publishing our name.

  1. We are not “TeamSol”. This form of concatenation are not necessarily incorrect, but it is not properly expressive of our identity. Use “Team Sol International” or “TSI”, instead.


The name, “Team Sol International”, and derivatives and works based on this name – including logos, artwork, and other printed materials – are owned exclusively by the President of Team Sol International, president@teamdelsol.com. https://www.teamdelsol.com/

This document is © Team Sol International and is protected by International Law. Duplication in whole, or in part, without the express written permission of TeamSol International Operators is prohibited. For copy requests, please contact president@teamdelsol.com.

  1. The official Team Sol International logo is described as the upper-case phrase, “TEAM SOL”, written in the Slant.TTF font in any size or color.
  2. The President of Team Sol International, and this Guideline, grants non-exclusive rights to approved Team Sol Chapter Operators for the use of the Team Sol International name and logo for identification and association purposes, but such use must be not-for-profit and may never be used in defamatory, illegal, or otherwise inappropriate fashion. Judgment over approved usage is left up to the President of Team Sol International and appointed TSI


  1. Anyone looking to use the Team Sol International name and/or logo for profit purposes – including (but not limited to) any printed, digital/electronic, promotional, or branding use (i.e.:

T-shirts, decals, business cards, banners, or any other printed or verbal form) – must seek

and receive written approval from the President of Team Sol International, president@teamdelsol.com priorto such use.

  1. Generally speaking, the President of Team Sol International is generous in granting not-for-profit use of the Team Sol name and/or logo.
  2. Depending on the purpose and profit marginof for-profit ventures, the President of Team Sol International may require someportion of the proceeds go to TSI.


A web site for your Chapter, with a unique URL, is required to be linked to the TSI Chapters webpage.

  1. As a matter of identity affiliation, we recommend you purchase and operate a domain similar to “teamsolchapter.com”, where chapter is some indication of your base location. Examples include: teamsolco.com, teamsolwi.com, teamsolwa.com, teamsolnv.com, teamsolcal.com, and teamsoltexas.com. How you spell or abbreviate your domain name is up to you, as long as the first 7 characters are teamsol.
  2. You must provide a stable, long-term e-mail address which will be used by any “primary contact” who can represent your Chapter (usually your Chapter President). This e-mail address may be made available on the Chapters section of the TSI web site.
  3. This person will be solicited from time to time for ideas, feedback, or issues of voting on TSI matters. For example, we ask all TSI Chapter Operators to vote on our monthly featured del Sol (Sol of the Month) feature.
  4. This e-mail address may be shared with other Chapter Operators, but will never be sold to external companies (we hate spam, and we believe we should all be able to openly communicate between ourselves).
  5. Your web site should be hosted such that it will be available 24/7. For example, do not host a Chapter web site off your personal computer if it has a dial-up Internet connection and will not be running at all hours. We understand temporary outages happen. However, if your site will be down indefinitely, you must notify webmaster@teamdelsol.com as soon as you know your site will be down for more than a few days. We may remove your site URL from our Chapters web page if your Chapter web site will be down for more than a week.
  6. TSI offers a low-cost hosting service, called Team Sol Hosting, for Chapters. See http://hosting.teamdelsol.com/ for details. We very highly recommend using our in-house service! Everyone’s hosting fees go down when we have enough Chapters signed up!


You have absolute freedom to control the graphical appearance of your web site content.

  1. You are not required to copy the colors or layout style of the TSI web site at


  1. It is a good idea to research “best practices” in web site design before starting your work.
  2. TSI will not judge your web site appearance, but our members and/or Operators may make suggestions.


Any How-To articles (also including FAQ and Technical Stuff) you author or host must be shared with the main TSI How-To page by sending these materials to webmaster@teamdelsol.com.

  1. If a How-To article is made available at your Chapter, please send a functional copy of this article for inclusion in the main TSI How-To section. https://www.teamdelsol.com/ This document is © Team Sol International and is protected by International Law. Duplication in whole, or in part, without the express written permission of TeamSol International Operators is prohibited. For copy requests, please contact president@teamdelsol.com.
  2. It is to the benefit of all TSI members to find such articles in one repository rather than to search all Chapters for such information.
  3. Chapters and authors will be given published credit for their How-To contributions.
  4. Display of these articles by TSI must be royalty-free. You must have copyright authorization to share this document with TSI.
  5. You may not mirror the How-To content published at teamdelsol.com onto any other web

site. Doing so defeats the purpose of centralizing this content and may degrade search engine placement.

  1. You may link directly to any How-To resource on teamdelsol.com as long as you clearly indicate with your link that the document resides on teamdelsol.com.


Maintain your sponsors separate from TSI sponsors.

  1. Unless you acquire your own sponsorship from companies listed as sponsors of TSI, do not list TSI sponsors at your Chapter.
  2. TSI sponsors offer discounts to TSI member
  3. Chapter members who do not also carry a TSI ID # do not qualify for benefits from TSI sponsors. Consequently, we recommend your members join TSI in addition to your local Chapter.


Manage your members separate from TSI members.

  1. Your members should have an ID unique to your own Chapter, whether it be a number assigned to their car, or a handle name used on your own message board(s).
  2. If you use a numbering system like TSI, try to use a numbering system

that will not be easily confused with the numbering system used at TSI. The TSI system is generally described as “TSI #0000” where 0000 is a buffered, 4-digit value ranging from 0001 to 9999. For example, Team Sol Colorado uses, “TSCO #0000”.

  1. Encourage, but do not require, your members to also sign up with TSI (and carry two distinct IDs).
  2. You are permitted to link directly to the TSI Membership Profile page of your members if they are TSI Members. However, please verify the identity of your member prior to creating these links so that people are not pretending to be other members!
  3. You are not required to use the new membership rules at TSI for membership to your

Chapter. For example, if you choose not to require your members to have an e-mail address or a photo, that is fine. However, if these members will apply for TSI membership, they must adhere to our requirements.


TSI encourages it’s Chapters to host meets within their locale. As a general rule, we like to see our Chapters meet at least once per year, though this is not enforced.

  1. If you will be holding a meet or other event outside your immediate locale, for example a tri-state meet, please share the details of your meet with the

TSI Webmaster(s). They will include the details of your event on the TS

I Events page to help raise awareness for your event.

  1. Local meets should not be submitted for inclusion on the TSI Events page, but should be prominently available on your own Chapter web site.


Do not duplicate content from TSI. This constitutes plagiarism.

  1. You may link to pages on the TSI web site using only a standard HTML <A HREF> tag.
  2. You may not use frames or layers to display TSI pages on your web site. This is known as deep-linking and is prohibited.
  3. You may not use our web site to host images for your site. This practice is usually accomplished by publishing HTML tags such as <img src=””> in which the src property is pointed to a file hosted at teamdelsol.com. This is also known as deep-linking and is prohibited. If you want to use any of our images or graphics, either refer your visitors to our pages as instructed above, or duplicate the images on your own server.
  4. In all cases where you would like to duplicate TSI content on your own site, you must obtain written permission from webmaster@teamdelsol.com, first.

XII. Team Sol International does not endorse illegal activities. https://www.teamdelsol.com/ This document is © Team Sol International and is protected by International Law. Duplication in whole, or in part, without the express written permission of TeamSol International Operators is prohibited. For copy requests, please contact president@teamdelsol.com.

  1. It is not our role to impose our views upon our members, but we will not allow wanton exhibition of illegal behavior within our organization. This includes your Chapter.
  2. Some banned activities include: street racing, drugs, trafficking, hacking, phreaking, phishing, sharing copyrighted materials without permission (including software), etc.
  3. While not illegal in most areas, we don’t want to see any pornographic materials within TSI.
  4. We ask that you make it part of your membership terms that, should they take part in banned activities, their membership may be revoked and proper law-enforcement authorities may be notified.


Remember that your Chapter is independently operated. This means you must place a disclaimer of liability on your own web site which protects both TSI and yourself.


Appointed TSI Operators may, from time to time, review your web site content to ensure compliance with these guidelines.

  1. Violations will be reported to your Webmaster and/or senior representative.
  2. Failure to comply with written notice (e-mail) may result is discharge from TSI.


https://www.teamdelsol.com/ This document is © Team Sol International and is protected by International Law.  Duplication in whole, or in part, without the express written permission of Team Sol International Operators is prohibited.  For copy requests, please contact president@teamdelsol.com.


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