Basic info on how to use this site  

  1. You have the option to add information about your del Sol. This is done in your (member are link on sidebar/top) profile, then click edit. You’ll see info that you used to sign up with. Then look for the tab “car info” to add your car information.
  2. Group/Chapters are for local chapters of TSI. Don’t see your local chapter you can request one by contacting admins or posting on the forums, if you see your local chapter/group you can join by clicking join group.Each group has its own sections for posting. There is also a calendar to add events. NOTE some chapters require a request to join. You’ll see an option to join the chapter/group.
  1. You have the option to change your profile cover and avatar.To do so click on your profile link. You will see your information. You then have the option to “Change profile photo and “Change cover image”. You will see an option to upload image. Feel free to do so.
  2. "Social activity" link is for all new activity going on within the site. You’ll also notice you have a link in “Member area”, “Your activity”. “Your activity” is  all new post, wall feeds, and mentions. You can use the “@” to mention another member. In “Your activity” you’ll see links for wall. This is your own news feed and the link all allows you to post in activities area. You can choose where to post your updaes by clicking the drop down menu on the right.
  3. Photos- this is found in “Members area" link. You can create albums and post photos.
  4. You have the option to invite other people who you think might be interested in TSI.
    In “Member area” click the “Send invite” and fill out the information.
  5. You can change your email preference by going to the setting page under the “Member area” (link). There you will see options to change what email alerts you want to receive. You can also change profile visibility for certain parts of you profile.

There are many more features to the site. This just covers some of the basics. Feel free to look around.
If you have any questions you can post a question in the forums.
We at TSI hope you enjoy all that we offer.

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Honda Pilot crew and former Sol Owner
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just some feedback.

it feels very cluttered. I have no idea where anything is and cant find it.

tried to find how to unfollow the threads

I know there are pages which have default setting to follow my threads.. but it is really annoying just like tapatalk.

I would recommend having that option off by default and have an easy to see button if I want to follow a thread.

same with "my posts" button should be one click button on first page of forums

other things.

the page does not size properly (I'm sure its still being worked on)

and forum should be a bit simpler

if its too complicated many people will simply stop visiting

and one more thing PLEASE don't enable tapatalk.

smartphones have big enough screen to actually view the forum in desktop mode

me and many other people I know NEVER use mobile version of webpages anymore because its missing features


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