For Sale - Red '95 VTEC DOHC - Original B16A3 Engine - Asking for 5k  


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This is not my car,but a member of TSCAL. Figured I post it here to see if anyone is interested.
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I'm a long-time lurker and the time has come for me to part ways with my beautiful baby...because me and my wife are going to have an actual baby, and as much as I love my Del Sol, it isn't very baby friendly 🙂

I'm the second owner and have taken meticulous care of my Del Sol for over 17 years. Engine is the original B16A3 engine with about 160,000 miles on it (I forgot to get the full mileage and will update when I do). and regular oil changes with quality synthetic oil.

Here is a list of features/service:
Chipped ECU replaced a month ago - Have Receipt
Brake pad and Rotors replaced a month ago - Have Receipt
Clutch replaced 30,000 miles ago
Suspension replaced 1 year ago - Adjustable suspension - Have receipt
Cruise Control
Original Aluminum wheels in good condition
Upgraded Stereo (Panasonic) and red Sony Xplod speakers
Remote to open doors/trunk
Engine Strut Bar
Ractive exhaust

The only real issues on the vehicle are some small cosmetic issues, the driver side seat has a small hole and is missing some of the foam (cheap fix, but didn't do because I thought I might replace the seat), the paint on the front bumper is chipping and cracked a little, and someone recently keyed the passenger rear quarter panel a little and I haven't buffed it out yet. Other than that she is in pristine condition. Here is a link to an imgur album:

I'd love for my Del Sol to go to a good home, and couldn't think of a better place than someone here. Asking price is $5,000

Let me know if anyone is interested or knows someone who is. Happy to answer any questions anyone may have.


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Honda Pilot crew and former Sol Owner
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