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September 12, 2017 3:14 am  

There will be no Thread-crapping in the classifieds section.

Commenting on a post in a negative manner, called 'thread-crapping', is not allowed. If you think an item is overpriced or of lesser quality, don't buy it. If you have concerns about the seller PM a Moderator or Admin and we can discuss the matter. Thread-crapping will be deleted, multiple instances of thread-crapping will result in being banned for a set period of time.

If you think someone is genuinely trying to defraud or rip off members report it, if the price is higher than you think it should be, hit 'Back' and don't buy it.

If you thread crap a lot expect to be banned from Team del Sol

At the end of the day it IS their personally owned item and they can value it at whatever they want.

The Team del Sol Marketplace forums are a free market economy.
If a seller posts a price and a buyer is willing to meet that price then that is what the item is valued at by the two parties involved and is no one else's business.
If the price is too high or outlandish no one will buy it, no one will respond to the ad and it will fade back several pages and be gone.

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