Brake Info
Ok The Teg/Civic Si/Sol VTEC stuff all bolts right on. It’s plug and play.

Front Brakes
The Del Sol VTEC, 99-2000 Civic Si, and second generation Integra brakes are 10.3  inches and bolt up with no modifications
The Del Sol S, Del Sol Si and Civic DX are 9.4 inches

Rear Disk Brakes
The Del Sol VTEC, Del Sol Si, 99-2000 Civic Si, Civic EX and second generation Integra brakes bolt up with no modifications.
The whole rear trailing arm assemblies must be swapped to enjoy the rear disk brakes.

E-Brake Cable
Emergency Brake cables are different for disk than drum. The Integra cable can be used on a Del Sol. It is longer, but can be used by routing the slack out. The Del Sol E-Brake cable can be purchased new from for under $100.

Master Cylinder & Booster
Bigger is better. The Integra 1 inch ABS master cylinder and booster bolt right up to the Del Sol. The brake lines do not, however, and one must be modified. The Integra uses a larger brake line nut. The Del Sol brake line must re-flared with the Integra brake line nut and bent a little to line up.

The 15/16 inch master cylinder & booster bolts right up, brake lines and all. No modifications required.
The 7/8 inch master cylinder is the easiest upgrade. It bolts up and uses the same booster as a 5g Civic DX and the Del Sol S/Si. less than $40 at parts store. No modifications needed.
The 13/16 inch master cylinder is  smallest stock unit and is standard on Del Sol S/Si and most Civics.

Proportioning Valve
Get one from a Del Sol VTEC, Del Sol Si, 99-2000 Civic Si, Civic EX, or second generation Integra  with 4 wheel disk brakes, non ABS. You can use your stock one, but it gives more pressure to the rears than a rear disk one, because drums need more pressure to work than disks.

Bigger Brakes
ITR and CTR will bolt up. The CTR need different axles , so you will need the axles to use them. The older ITR 98 or so are 4 X 114, not 5 lug. They still bolt right up.

Fastbrakes has a kit to upgrade the 9 inch brakes. Probably the easiest and cheapest way to go to 11inch or bigger brakes from the 9 inch.

You can re-drill VTEC Prelude rotors and use type R calipers (Accord Wagon) and pads to upgrade to type R brakes from the 10 inch front brakes. Some VW rotors are 4x 100, the same size, and do not need to be re-drilled.

Keep in mind that some kits will require larger rims to be used after install.

Size Chart

Year/Make Front Rear MC Prop Valve Bolt Pattern
1988-1989 Civic DX /CRX 9.5 Drum   13/16 4×100
1988-1989 Civic/CRX Si 9.5 Drum 4×100
1990-1991 Civic DX /CRX 9.5 Drum 4×100
1990-1991 Civic EX/CRX Si 10.3 9.5 4×100
1990-1992 Integra LS RS GS SE 10.3 9.5 4×100
1992-1993 Integra GSR 10.3 9.5 4×100
1992-1995 Civic DX 9.5 Drum 13/16 4×100
1993-1997 Del Sol S 9.5 Drum 13/16 4×100
1992-1995 Civic EX 10.3 7/8 4×100
1993-1997 Del Sol Si 9.5 9.5 4×100
1995-1997 Del Sol VTEC 10.3 9.5 4×100
1999-2001 Civic Si 10.3 9.5 4×100
1996-2001 Civic DX 9.5 Drum 4×100
1996-2001 Civic EX 9.5 4×100
1993-2001 Integra 10.3 9.5  1 ABS 4×100
1996-1998 Integra Type R 11 9.5 4×114
1999-2001 Integra Type R 11 9.5 5×100

Values in Inches


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