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Team Sol International, LLC began in October 1999. It was created by Sol enthusiasts for Sol enthusiasts. The idea was to bring some fun and excitement into the Honda del Sol scene. We wanted to create a website that offered something for everyone. Pictures, How-To’s, Tech Articles, a new Featured Sol every month and links to other import sites.

In the first year, we grew from about a dozen to hundreds members worldwide. We currently have members from the USA, Canada, Europe, Germany, Malta, Australia, Japan, Behrain and many other places over the globe. We have members who just got their drivers license to people that have retired.

The Team Sol main website is primarily an online community, but there are numerous local chapters worldwide that have meets where people can meet and check each other’s Sols out. Check out the Chapters section to see if there is a chapter near you. Our local meets usually consist of a good mix of ages, Sols and everything else. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend. Please come and check them out.


There are no membership fees to join. While membership is always going to be free, we do gladly accept donations to help cover our website expenses. Maintaining this website is not free for us, but our first year was paid for by member donations. Those who contributed know who they are and their generosity was greatly appreciated. IF you deiced o donate you will be acknowledge on our site.Nothing goes into our pockets, it only goes back into the Team.


Team Sol is lucky enough to have several sponsors who offer members significant discounts on their products. We plan to add more as time goes on.

Kaminari Aerodynamics and Quantum Tek Alloys offer their products for less than you will find them at any aftermarket shop. If you are interested in getting anything from them, please contact us using the contact us link.  We will gladly give you prices and hook you up. DO NOT contact these sponsors before contacting us. These are special arrangements that he has made with them and if you go straight to them, you will reach someone who is not aware of this arrangement and you will not get a correct price quote.

Other sponsors such as darkSol motorSports and CarElements.Com offer members discounts above and beyond their normal customers. For these discounts, you can contact them at their websites. No need to contact us first. Just be sure to let them know you are a Team Sol member and you will get your extra discount. Their discounts are determined by them and Team Sol has no say in those discounts.

Thanks for taking the time to read through all of this. If you own a Sol, we hope you consider joining us online or even better at a local meet. Enjoy the website.


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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