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3/27/08: "Life's A Beach" Hosted by Team Sol Indiana, May 31, 2008 more details here Jago
2/13/08: Vegas Invasion VIII is April 18-20, 2008. Get ready, more details here Jago
9/25/06: Team Sol has a new hosting home...also we bid a fond farewell to William and we thank him for his hard work on this site. We will miss you William, and THANKYOU for all of your dedication over the years. Jago
8/13/06: We've made some changes! The new web site looks exactly like the old one (mostly), but in fact, it has been fully rewritten. Please be on the look-out for any new errors. If you break something, please notify the webmaster right away and explain to the webmaster how they can see the error for themselves. Have fun with it! William
11/22/05: A new 2006 TEAM SOL Wall Calendar is available for purchase at our Store! SOLD OUT William
1/20/05: OUr BBS (Forum) is a permanent feature of our web site! After trying it out for a while, we have found that its demand on our hosting service is well within our capacity. Have fun! William
8/10/04: Team Sol International welcomes Team Sol Hawaii to the family! Visit them at William
8/4/04: Our Chat software has finally been registered! You can enjoy our live chat system without having to endure those annoying, "Please register" messages! William

Cleaned up the Chapter links page. It is unfortunate that several links had to be taken down for various reasons including:
1. GeoCities stopped serving some chapter sites due to inactivity. Why is no one using your chapter sites?
2. GeoCities stopped serving some chapter sites for unlisted reasons (terms of service violation?).
3. Domains have expired and now point nowhere, or to domain registrar advertisement or search pages.
If your chapter link has been removed from our Chapters page, please view the page source and read the comments around your specific link. These comments will tell you why we had to TEMPORARILLY DISABLE your chapter link. If you can restore your web site, or create a new one, please notify us ASAP. We will be happy to restore your links to our page!

2/27/04: Cleaned up the Forum links page and added to it. Updated a few forums that had del Sol/Civic 'mergers'. Added TSI member 1353 today. Jago
1/8/04: Cleaned up the Forum links page. It seems some of them are no longer operating. Also cleaned up the Racing page a bit (off-site links to timeslips stopped working). William
1/7/04: Fixed the search tool on the home page -- didn't know it was broken before today. Remember that this search tool DOES NOT search Member pages, it searches the entire rest of the site. There is a dedicated search tool for members on the Member Index page. William
12/15/03: Added TSI member #1289 today. Jago
11/25/03: We are expanding our Sponsor section to include LOCAL sponsoring businesses that offer the best service and deals to Team Sol members! Chapter officers: Please get your sponsor list together soon and send it in!  
11/25/03: President Todd Huff resigns his position with Team Sol Int'l. He will remain part of the group as a president pending.... Jago
6/20/03: We have a brand new Chat system; check it out! Click Chat from the menu at the left and follow the instructions. William
5/13/03: Revamped the SOTM section. The Previous list now shows more information. William
5/12/03: Added several del Sol Message Boards to our Forums page and fixed some broken links to others. William
5/3/03: By request, I gave the whole web site a new look. It was a LOT of work; check it out! William
4/17/03: Uploaded TSI member # 1031 today. Nearly 200 members in a little over two months isn't bad at all! Jago
2/12/03: New How-To uploaded. Angel Eyes Install. Also, steps have been taken to eliminate email harvester from getting email addresses from our web site. Jago
2/04/03: New How-To uploaded. 70/30 tails baby! Member 934 was added today. Jago   
2/03/03: Added Club Sol Kentucky to our chapter links. Jago   
2/02/03: New Chapter guidelines were added today. Also our 932nd member was added today. William
1/15/03: We have lost the T1 line that we were hosted on. Currently we are on a DSL line with limited bandwidth. You might notice a bit of a slow down for the site. We are working hard to restore our T1 service. Jago
1/08/03: Team Sol Hosting is currently looking for sites to host. Please visit for more details. We may also experience some down time in the soon and it may last for a few days. Please bear with us...we will be back. Added our 898th member today. Jago
12/13/02: Updated all the Team Sol Galleries with navigation between photos ...something I have wanted to do for months now. I hope you are able to browse them easier now. Jago  
12/09/02: The rebuild is going great. Uploaded our 856th member today. Not quite the 950+ we had before, but in due time we will be there again. Jago  
12/02: Memberships are coming in and soon I will be able to upload them. The deadline is 12-9-02. Get them in if you have them. Also remember your photo! Jago  
11/02: We are finally back online, however our database has been lost. Our most current back up is a few months old so we have no choice but to rebuild it...and rebuild we shall! I would also like to welcome back William back as !! Jago  
10/08/02: We are still having some hosting issues. Back up site is being hosted on Team Sol California. We hope to have everything worked out soon. Added donation links to send money via PayPal to TSI. Jago  
8/20/02: Two new How-To's have been uploaded. JDM visors and a cool gas cap holder. Look for the Indy Invasion and Dallas Invasion photos to up linked up soon! Jago  
8/09/02: Added Team Sol Texas to the list of Team Sol chapters! Also, our 950th Member was uploaded today! Jago
7/29/02: Added our newest Chapter of Team Sol New Hampshire! Welcome aboard!! You can see them listed in the TS Chapter link Jago
7/24/02: Jen has officially stepped down from Webmaster duties for TSI. Jago
7/23/02: Heard from Todd that TS Stickers will be in our near future again. He is just waiting on some samples to come in for him to proof!! Jago
7/22/02: Put up our first TS Racing member. Jago
7/18/02: Uploaded a few new members...we now have 918!! Jago
7/09/02: We have reached the 900 member mark!! That is 80 new members in just two months!! Uploaded the TS Racing section. If your Sol is faster than the rest, sign up!! Jago
5/21/02: Team Sol 9-11 Shirts are now available for order. Go to TS Store and get a few for yourself and family. They are a great way to show your support for Team Sol International! Jago
5/09/02: Vegas Invasion II gallery is finally live. Check the Events link for photos. We now have 820 members and still growing. Jago  
4/22/02: Team Sol's Vegas Invasion was a HUGE success. Photos will be up soon. We have some nice folks to thank for helping to pull this off. Click their links and help support them! And I just added our 800th member for Team Sol!!! Jago  
3/22/02: Added "Correct your Camber" and "del Sol Stereo Installation" How-To's Jago  
2/23/02: Updated the link to Team Sol Washington and added Hondalife to our Official web boards Jago
2/12/02: Added a del Sol VIN reader to Tech Stuff. Check it out! William  
12/18/01: Added a few photos to Gallery 6 Jago  
12/10/01: Added quicklinks on the home page for the members that are involved with the OnlineShowoff website. So far we have 6 members taking part in it Jago  
11/29/01: New Sol Gallery 6 uploaded. Thanks to rflo23 for sending in some photos. If anyone has photos they would like to see just email me. <jago at teamdelsol dot com> One thing, make SURE they are not already up on the site in the Galleries. Also, just check to see if they are not a members photo in use too Jago   
11/11/01: New How-To's were added. Floormat hook for the passenger side and a door wiring one...check them out in the How-To section. Also updated some of the links in the Chat Board section. If your chapter has a board, then let us know. Jago   
8/6/01: William, Jago, Mark C., and I, are working on the Join page as well as getting the part done that will allow you to update your photos automatically, and to create the thumbnails at the same time! Neat Stuff! Jen
7/15/01: YAY! The Membership pages are COMPLETE. See the instructions on how to update your own membership pages. There is an awesome Search Engine on the membership pages, try it out! Jen
5/7/01: EEP! I didn't realize I forgot to update this page. Well the database is coming along slowly but surely. I am FINALLLLLLY getting some help from the generous Jago! So hopefully it will be less than one more month before we get the last of the website completely up and running! Hope you like what I have done so far! Jen  
4/1/01: We have a TON of galleries now. 6 so far, and more to come. Hope you like the gorgeous (and not so gorgeous ones in the RIP section) ones we have on here now! Jen  
3/3/01: Moved the "BodyKits" page to a new server. "Galleries" will be up and running shortly on the same server. Jen  
2/17/01-2/26/01: FINALLY! We have a new hoster! Boy oh boy, I can't wait to get everything up and running. Thanks to Will, we are going to soon have a 'update your own' type setup for each member! I won't have to do all the work by hand. Boy I am looking forward to that. Sorry about the way on getting the site back and running, but we were having some difficulties on moving the domain and logging on and stuff. But please, be patient, some parts of the website will be down for a while still, while we update the 'back end' of things. Thanks for all your help, AND also your donations to keep the site running! Jen