How To

  1. Add a gas cap holder
  2. Add better light to your clear corners
  3. Add color to your auxilliary lights
  4. Add color to your H emblems
  5. Add color to your vents
  6. Correct the rear wheel camber (after lowering your car)
  7. Install a front Civic lip
  8. Install a passenger-side floor mat hook
  9. Install a power antenna
  10. Install a shift boot
  11. Install an Iceman intake
  12. Install an indiglo gauge cluster
  13. Install JDM visors
  14. Install side markers
  15. Install Type-R big brakes
  16. Install vinyl stripe decals
  17. Lube the seals to stop squeaking
  18. Make 70/30 taillights with 1st generation Altezzas
  19. Make a lights-on reminder
  20. Make Angel Eyes for your del Sol
  21. Make clear corners from factory lamps
  22. Make your indiglo guages work with the factory console dimmer
  23. Make your own cold air intake
  24. Maintain the targa top
  25. Paint the brake calipers
  26. Remove the front bumper
  27. Remove vinyl decals
  28. Refabricate factory door wiring to add new components (alarm, speakers, etc.)
  29. Replace console indicator lights
  30. Reset the factory radio security code
  31. Single windshield wiper
  32. Stereo installation PDF file; Acrobat reader required)
  33. Tighten the targa top to stop rattling
  34. Upgrade your auxilliary lights (Catz)
Off-site Index
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  1. Polish that valve cover
  2. Floor mat hook
  3. Gas spill guard
  4. VTEC performance bar
  5. Remove your gauge cluster
  6. Build a passenger side sub box enclosure