Frequently Asked Questions

Question Index
  1. What years did they make the del Sol?
  2. How Long / Heavy, etc. is the del Sol? How Much HP? Engine Type? SPECS AND FEATURES
  3. What size tires/wheels fit on the del Sol?
  4. What body kits are available for the del Sol?
  5. How much for that M.E. Wide Body Kit?
  6. What front Lip fits the del Sol?
  7. What colors are available for the del Sol? (US info)
  8. What Engine do I have?
  9. What options did Honda offer on the del Sol?
  10. Why does my Tachometer go up and down?
  11. What toys are available?
  12. What is the difference between a TurboCharger and a Supercharger?
  13. How many del Sols were sold in the US?