In reflection of just how hard it can be to run your own import business
to support Team Sol, Stick shared this valuable message with us:

This starts as fun. A hobby. You get a Sol, love it, love it so much you
start a club. Then the club asks for help, and you think hey, I can make
money at this, AND help everyone out. Then you try to make some money with
it because you love it So, and want it to be your REAL job. Then you don't
make money, or you find you have to actualy CHARGE your pals money to do
things to their cars (or better yet, your pals realize you have to charge
them). Then, you find a shop, and the drieway no longer holds it's once high
respect for developing great machines.

Then, you wake up one morning and realize.....

Holy shit. This is work. This is the hardest work I've ever done in my life.
I don't get paid/get paid enough to deal with this. What do I have to do to
make money? And fast, or else I'm not going to eat this week. LITTERALY.
When your savings is GONE, and you've got $1.28 in the register, it won't
even get you a $.99 cheeseburger.

Then everyone gets mad at you for having BETTER things to do with your time
and money than help THEM out. Then you get frustated, self centered, and
focus on YOU for a while during what I like to call the "reconstruction",
the point where you try to decide if this IS your blood, and if there's
ANYTHING else you can do in life besides this.....

Todd, I got to that point about 4-5 months ago. I'm still doing it for a
living, and making enough to cover. It's NOT fun. It's HARD god damn work.
18-20 hour days. No days off. Phone calls at 2:00 am answering opinion
questions to people you've never heard of. Cutting your hand open and
bleeding all over the place, and not having the time or the energy left to
even go get a band aid for it. Loosing ALL sick days, vacation days,
personal days, saturday and sundays, and on the days you HAVE to leave or
you'll break something because you're loosing you mind, having to find
someone capable enough to cover for you.

A lesson to ALL of you. And I MEAN ALL of you. Those of us (ie, me, Todd,
DarkSol, etc...) who HAVE decided to leave our jobs/suplement our jobs to do
this type of work have done so with more cost to US than you all could EVER
possibly imagine. MY LIFE SAVINGS IS NOW IN MY BUSINESS. If it fails, I'm
done. I loose everything I ever had, and more than likely, everything I
COULD have had for the next 20 years. I gave up MY FUCKING LIFE FOR THIS. MY

Todd also gave his life to this. He didn't take it as far as I have, but he
was as close as you can get without considering it FULL TIME. The way I see
it, "I'm the same person I was before I started doing this, the Stick."
"Todd is still the Huffster, the #1, the original". You ALL need to support
us. We're the guys YOU ALL asked for help. We gratiously gave it. Now we're
asking for YOUR help. Support us. Don't buy from Nopi. Don't buy from E-bay.
Don't buy from your local Jeggs catalog.

Buy from us. Shop with us. Send your repairs/machine work to US. We gave our
lives in order to help you all out, and nows the time to pay back the debts
owed. As harsh as this sounds, in a VERY small way I'm glad Todd is stepping
down. This is a VERY volitile business. With a wife and kid, he doesn't have
the means to be able to risk everything like I did. On a lighter note to ME,
it's one less Soler I have to compete with from a business standpoint. I no
longer feel like I'm taking money from Huff, and I also no longer feel Huff
as a financial threat to my business. Double edged sword?? Yes.

Huffs my friend. I want to help my friend. I have to eat. Huff sells parts.
I sell parts. So I have to ask myself..... What did I have for dinner last
night? How much do I love Huff. When you find yourself HERE, you're doing
this for a LIVING.

This is business. This is MY business. This WAS Huffs business. When you
have to come home every night and lay some money on the kitchen table to eat
with, people like your good/great friends start looking to you as threats to
personal financial security. This to me made my stomach churn, and bothered
me so bad I almost quit doing it 4-5 months ago.

But I can't stop. I can't. It's my life now. I love it too much.

So all of you. Take a lesson here. SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL GUNFIGHTERS. Go to
your local hardware stores. Your local tool stores. Your LOCAL parts stores,
NOT AutoZone, your hole in the wall locals.

We need your support to survive. We'll do ANYTHING we can to get you the
best deal we can get you. If it's MORE than the other guys, SO WHAT. WE HAVE
TO EAT FOR CHRISTS SAKE. Help out the guys who want to, and NEED to help

Or you'll start seeing a WHOLE lot more Huff posts......

.....Even from the guy who owns the party store at the corner.

...........And the Value Auto.

................And the Performance Line Tool Store.

..................And the local furniture store.

.....................And the local Gas station.

.......................And the local Hardware store that ALWAYS seems to
have everything, all the time.....

... And your local race shop.

Unleaded Racing