Before You Join

(please read these!)
  1. You must have a digitized photo of your car (i.e.: from a Scanner or Digital Camera).
    1. This file must be in JPEG format (a .jpg file) and you must be ready to upload it at the time of application.
    2. This file should be roughly 500 pixels wide, and roughly 300 pixels high (and, if you can control it, no more than 72dpi).
    3. This file should be no larger than 50,000 bytes.
    4. Applications without photos are considered incomplete and will be rejected.
  2. You must have a valid E-mail Address.
    1. If you don't have one (perhaps you don't have your own Internet access), then get one -- they're free. Some providers include:
    2. It is okay to use someone else's E-mail Address (friend or family, only) as long as YOU can receive messages at that address.
    3. Your E-mail Address is the only way you will receive instructions to edit your Membership Page.
    4. Applications without a valid E-mail Address are considered incomplete and will be rejected.
  3. Complete the form on the next page (see below). The detail-level of this information is voluntary, but we ask that you at least provide:
    1. Your first name, if not your whole name ("handles" or "nicknames" are okay).
    2. State / Province.
    3. Country.
    4. Your E-mail Address.
    5. Model of your del Sol.
    6. Year of your del Sol (look on the manufacturer sticker if you don't know).
    7. Color of your del Sol.
  4. Do not type ALL CAPITAL LETTERS into this form where inappropriate. If you do, this system will automatically reduce your information to mixed case. It usually doesn't do a good job.
  5. Do not type profanities anywhere into this form. If found, your application may be rejected.
  6. Do not embed HTML code into your information. It will be converted to plain-text and the result will not be pretty.
  7. Click the Submit button when satisfied with your information.
  8. If there are any errors (missing data, etc), you will be immediately notified and allowed to correct them.
  9. When this form is accepted, you will be presented with a Photo Upload form. Read the instructions presented to complete your application.
    1. If you do not upload a photo, your application will be automatically rejected.
  10. The Team Sol Operators will review your application and make it Visible if it passes these rules.
Do NOT return here to change your information! This page is for NEW Member Applications ONLY. If you have already submitted your Membership Application, you should have received an E-mail message filled with instructions for maintaining your Membership Page. If you have not received this message (or lost it), Click here or contact <webmaster (at) teamdelsol (dot) com>. Please allow three days for a response.
Click here when you have read these instructions.
Problems with this page can be reported to <webmaster (at) teamdelsol (dot) com>.
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