[Solved] Dream's 94 Rhd Del sol  


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It all started with a dream and love of del sols. I've owned about 11 del sols. I currently own 2. My 94 RHD b16a and my 94 b20.0Out of all my sols that I've owned she is by far the one I am most attached too. I will be posting some pics later

Little background


She started as a 1994 S model. I had always dreamed of having a RHD. So when a RHD clip went up for sale about 50 miles from me I had to jump on it. Called the guy and he told me that his friend wanted it. I told him I would pay $100 more than what he had it listed for. He said he would give his buddy until the end of the day to respond and if he didn't it was mine. So lucky he called me the next day and I went to pick it up. Fast forward about a year. Shop finally got the RHD conversion done. Got it over to my work where body work began and was pushed off for about 6 months. Finally got her all painted and started putting her back together While gathering all my stuff to put her back together I realized some stuff had gone missing from my RHD clip from improper storage and to many people moving my shit around. Sent my guys to buy a second RHD clip that came up for sale at HMO. Got that and started piecing it back together. After 6 months of that I am finally able to driveher. It started with a b20 with a messed up ls Trans. Bought my second sol and swapped in the B16A with a EM1 trans. Installed my wilwood BBK, Sprint Hart 17s, and ameripol top thanks to Junnior. Just recently got ahold of some new 16s for free just waiting on tires for them.



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